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Speaking Volumes was an artists’ books exhibition at the A.I.R. Gallery in New York in 1980.

Invitation card for the exhibition Speaking Volumes, A.I.R. Gallery, 1980 (Fales Library & Special Collections, New York, A.I.R. Gallery archives, Box: 11 Folder: 439 “Speaking Volumes: Women Artists’ Books” curated by Lucy Lippard June 3-21, 1980)

“Speaking Volumes: Women’s Artists Books”
Opening June 3 - June 21
– What does that mean ?
– It means books that say something
Organized by Lucy R. Lippard with lots of help Come + read
A.I.R. Gallery 97 Wooster St NYC

This page lists the works that were part of the exhibition, and all the information and comments found in its archives at the Fales Library. It is a tribute and a catalog that finally documents this show, 40 years after its happening.