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The New Woman’s Survival Catalog, 1973.

Article as part of the ongoing Speaking Volumes research

refers to ∿∿∿ the Whole Earth Catalog, 1968-1972/1998

which codes are inspired by ∿∿∿ mail-order catalogs like the Sears Roebuck catalog, c. 1900

Sears Roebuck catalog, 1962-63

The “women magazine” format as a camouflage — Le Petit Livre Rouge des Femmes, 1972

cataloguing ∿∿∿ librarianship

Beatrice Warde (30s) ( article Crystal Clear)

The Library Was, OOMK, Marta Terry González (50s)

Celeste West (70-80s)

catalog (arts) ≈ legitimation tool

↬ see also Speaking Volumes

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Cyberfeminism Index, Mindy Seu, 2020

⚧ compiling, building networks of solidarity

imagi-nation nwar – genealogies of the black radical imagination in the francophone world, The Chimurenga Chronic, Chimurenga, Mars 2021

de-composed, an-arranged and re-produced by Chimurenga

The Chimurenga Chronic, 2018

To be continued …

On catalogs…