Speaking Volumes ∿ Speaking In Tongues is an installation with a backstage/vanity table made of plexiglass along with texts and objects such as zines, facsimiles, book holders, gloves with nails, earrings, and textiles… A first tryout cooked with love by Loraine Furter, Lara Dautun and Juliana Vargas Zapata, presented in Sint Lucas Antwerpen during the SLARG research week 2022.

This installation is part of the project “The politics of publishing: researching encounters between artists’ books and intersectional feminist tools” which addresses artists’ books and the politics of publishing, creating forms to uncover forgotten histories in this field, through a critical design approach that includes feminist tools.

The project materializes in a series of hybrid publications (paper, digital, spatial, oral) that re·activate objects and histories and re·circulate them. From (micro-)typography to editorial structures, from gossip to public speeches, from ghostwriting to collective pamphlets.